Silicone Swim Caps & Pool Socks

NEW in stock Polyamide Silicone coated pool socks (pink only and size 36-39) which are hygienic and protect against fungi.
» Anti-Fungi treatment
» Hypoallergenic
» Waterproof
» Ergonomic
» Anti-slip sole

New in stock in our
 online sports swimwear store, plain and printed RAS silicone caps in bright and fluorescent colours. Also LONG HAIR SILICONE CAPS.
The printed swimming hats are made out of high quality Suede Silicone with beautiful shiny prints.
We also have a small quantity of Hibiscus print silicone swim hats in stock.

  • long life silicone

  • extremely elastic

  • exceptional comfort

  • protect hair during your open water swimming

  • high performance - high technology materials



They are not designed to keep your hair dry! If you read the instructions on our RAS swimming caps, they recommend you wet your hair before putting the cap on! Although some caps will do a good job keeping your hair dry, this is not their scope. If you want to keep your hair dry as much as possible, you can use a silicone cap which gives a tight fit and should keep most of the water out, or wear 2 caps.


To make you more streamlined when swimming, especially for competitive swimmers. A swimming cap should keep your hair out of your face when swimming and will reduce water drag. To protect your hair from chlorine damage: Especially if you wet your hair before putting your cap on and go in the pool, the caps will prevent your hair from becoming saturated with the chlorinated water. Hygiene: People who swim without a cap lose hair in the pool which in turn will clog up the filters. Warmth: If you swim in open water a swimming hat will help to keep you warm in the cold water. You could also double up the caps.