Tie Dye Diving Shammies / Shammy for Diving

German Olympic Diver Jaden Eikermann and Corina at Ulla Klinger Cup.jpg

The diving shammy (shammie, whichever your favourite spelling is!) is our newest product. 
The tie dying process makes the shammies not only beautiful but also unique! We can try the "made to order" process like we have done for our young Dutch / Jamaican customer, but the shammies are tie-died after all and not hand painted. 

Some parents might wonder why the tie-dye shammy is so expensive to buy?! It is not
the white product in itself. It is the long hours spent tie-dyeing them and getting them ready to be sold to the customers! For more info read the blog.​

Matthew with Jamaican flag shammy

Catching up with our customer, the German Olympic Diver Jaden Eikermann, at Ulla Klinger Cup

Dutch / Jamaican Elite Junior Diver Matthew Hibbert, with his Jamacan flag shammy

The shammy is a fast-drying towel that divers rely on to ensure that they are safe and comfortable  for performing their dive. When a diver gets out of the water, they are dripping. Before their next dive, they need to quickly dry off and be ready to perform another dive.

The shammy is made exactly for this purpose, to enables the cloth to absorb a large amount of water. Once the water is absorbed while wiping their bodies, the divers can quickly wring it out.. This unique quality allows the shammy to replace the cotton towels that stay wet after a single use and are bulky.

When doing dives that include multiple somersaults — especiallythe ones requiring holding onto their legs (pikes and tucks) — it is important to make sure their hands don’t slip off, so by using a shammie it will effectively dry your legs and hands.